Thursday, 2 December 2010

A catastrophe in Cromer

Let's write a blog I thought. I write for work all the time, my magazine is one rolling blog so how difficult can writing a personal blog be? I'm mad about social media and my chickens. What a combination - so The Musings of a Techno Chook was born.

Today has seen kittens causing disaster. Teddy the tabby loves to jump onto my laptop, remove keys and rotate my outlook and web pages, he really is a 'techno kitty'. Meanwhile, Elvis (brother to Teddy) has knocked a plant and ceramic across the room in his eagerness to see the snowy wonderland out of window.

Our 11 chickens are sheltering from the cold in the garden after the indignity of being covered with vaseline on their feet and wattles to help prevent frostbite. They have enjoyed porridge and grapes for lunch (one of their favourite winter treats).

My wonderful daughters are at school - while many schools across the country are shut - the North Norfolk schools stay open amazingly despite having to travel on treacherous roads to reach them. Hats off to the efforts of head teachers and staff today!

I have been busily editing the winter edition of the magazine run by a national volunteering charity, a job I enjoy immensely but which is likely to be no more next year due to spending cuts. I'm hoping there is an exciting new opportunity out there. I was once called the "paparazzi of the third sector" by the deputy editor of The Guardian when I was covering an event wearing my multi-media hat - any offers anyone?

Next post - a review of a new iPhone app...


  1. Excuse me, Madam, but does this bus go to the station?